Old driver to teach you a few strokes to understand the true and false Rolex

People in the Rolex has always been a special favorite in the early Hong Kong film, Daikin workers often appear in people's vision, over time, Rolex's preservation, durability in the people's impression in the familiar. Many people who personally wear Rolex can also deeply appreciate the durability of Rolex, so also have a once and for all. The market also makes the best-selling fake table flooded. High imitation Rolex - V5 version of the black water ghost Industrial chain For the imitation of the rolex replica market, the Rolex brand is very keen, many of the first table into the table when the Friends of the time in the purchase is also easy to be fooled. Relying on Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and other places a complete watch industry chain, where not only the production and sale of the brand watches, many imitation table is also breeding here. Imitation table is also divided into many levels, according to the degree of sophistication can be divided into low imitation, general imitation, high imitation and ultra-high imitation. This article is about high imitation table. ADVERTISEMENT High imitation table can not be a manufacturer, there will usually be initiated by the middleman led to determine the market, determine the required style, the table will be disassembled real, different parts sent to different professional manufacturers open mold manufacturing, the last And then unified assembly. Formal manufacturers to do is to send high-imitation table to send the production of components to open the mold to produce exactly the same parts, such production is not illegal. They are just the whole high imitation production in the ordinary part of the real violation of the law is just strung together the entire high imitation replica rolex watches industry chain sponsors. Identification Today on the simple preliminary identification method to be introduced. Tell me what you like. ADVERTISEMENT One, strap Steel table, then non-professionals difficult to distinguish. High imitation of steel sheet steel production well, drawing effect is also very perfect. As for the gold watch, gold table, familiar with the people of gold can be a discernment. Part of the imitation table on the details of the errors, such as gold plated to the brushed part of the strap. But the gold watch 18K gold color is very natural, comfortable, and gold-plated has a clear color. In the drawing, the mark is very delicate, clear. ADVERTISEMENT Or even through the strap, clasp flexibility to identify. Part of the strap imitation strap less flexible, difficult to bend at various angles. Second, the dial To Rolex Yacht series as an example. Left true right. SWISSMADE true uk replica watches has a more obvious Bifeng. Fake watches in the scale of the luminous powder is also very uneven. Left true right. There are differences in self-styled Bifeng, red and other colors in the presence of color. Of course, this is not absolute, some manufacturers willing to make efforts, then, can still be done exactly the same as autologous. Mainly to see LOGO part. High imitation watches are looking for regular manufacturers of watches, but they are not Logo. To the final to the dial printing fonts, because the formal manufacturers will not take such orders, so most of the high imitation are seeking small workshop printing Logo. So that the font part is the most likely to make high imitation revealed horse feet. ADVERTISEMENT Fourth, between the lugs The number between the lug to check whether the watch and the actual appearance of consistency. Open your Rolex strap will find a string of ear between the table code, 12 o'clock position of the code on behalf of the watch model, 6 o'clock code represents the serial number. According to the information in the figure can easily identify their own watch is out of which year. Followed by F.D.Z, M, V. G prefix, but after 2010, Rolex on the use of a garbled, it is estimated that in order to prevent some people snooping Rolex production. Fifth, the table mirror glass Fake laser security table is very easy to see, but very rough. True table you want to see it is difficult, black surface better said, flour is no easy task. This difference in the main process, if through the eyepiece, or digital camera to observe the little crown, true table a total of 152 points to form the match head part is 7 points, the opening circle is 14 points. False table because the process of reason, will not reach these figures. Of course, when we get the table, no one can rely on small points to identify the investigation. 6, luminous True and false form of the luminous is a certain gap. But also in their own time to identify the more convenient means. This can only be used as a conventional means of view, V5 version of the imitation table luminous basically close to the original. Calendar window True calendar window magnifying glass is treated by coating, at a certain angle under the other color. False table but no. Of course, this is only for low imitation. V5 version of the current water ghost also appeared in the coating process. Eight, movement Fake on the next true. Experts can identify a 3135 imitation movement. Although the high imitation of the 3135 movement there are many one can distinguish the shortcomings, but this movement is undoubtedly the domestic production of the false table milestone. Currently on the market more or use the system, imitation movement, ETA movement Rolex, this is easier to distinguish, open the lid can be. Of course, non-professionals, there is no special open-lid tool does not recommend free to open the lid, likely to cause scratches and poor water resistance. Look at the following comparison of the movement of the various angles Left true right. Fake watch movement at present, making more and more sophisticated. Non-professionals difficult to distinguish. The above five figures, for example, Figure two plywood lettering rough, figure three imitation table automatic red wheel paint color, figure four with a gossamer gossamer, figure five imitation table fish grind rough, left splint no LOGO. Careful comparison can distinguish. Of course, the market also appeared in the real shell fake movement, the movement is really false, this is very difficult to discern. So, buy a table to go to the counter or tens of thousands of table mall friends ~